Finding The Perfect Gift For The Perfect Person In One’s Life

Gifts can be an amazing thing. They’re often how we express our love and affection for each other. It shows that we really put a lot of thought into someone’s importance in our lives. There’s only one problem there.

It’s often easy to know what doesn’t fit someone’s personal style. But it’s quite another thing to know what a good fit might be. And this is further compounded by gender differences. It’s a rare man who really knows the perfect gift for the women in his life. If he’s lucky he might get a hint or two. But even then, it’s only the start of an often-difficult journey.

For example, consider a situation where your girlfriend hints that she might want a handbag. You know enough about purses to at least start looking for more information on the subject. You might find out that there’s a shockingly elaborate history behind the common purse. But you’d be forgiven if that just left you with more questions than answers. It’s often even difficult to know what level of fashion one should aim for.

One might not think that a higher fashion brand like any type of  Hermes kelly bags would be appropriate. And that’s especially true if you’re not dating someone who really seems to be into high fashion. But today even the traditional soccer mom dips into high fashion. And the straps themselves are often interchangeable to the point where they can hold up to more wear and tear. That makes choice of her own outfit less forced by her bag.

This still might leave the average boyfriend in the dark though. But there’s really one solid principle at work when trying to choose the perfect gift. It’s important to remember that there’s really nothing wrong with asking some questions. After all, assumptions tend to be rather toxic within the context of a relationship. It’s wonderful if we really do know someone as well or even better than they know themselves. But, that’s not going to be the case when one is dating.

In fact, that’s half the point of dating in the first place. You’re working to learn about each other and show that you care. Part of that care and concern is showing that you care enough to ask. So, in our example, the perplexed boyfriend has a clear course of action available to him.

To be sure, the hint has already been laid that he should get his girlfriend a purse. But his natural confusion isn’t something that she’d look down on. She’d probably be happy to have him trust her enough to ask for clarification. So, he might begin by just considering what bags he’s seen her with in the past.

This is a good springboard to consider styles and brands. This will show that he did put thought into the choice of a gift. But once he’s given some thought to her gift, he can just flat out ask what her favorite brands are. She’ll probably know where the leading questions are coming from. But she’s just as likely to appreciate the care and concern they demonstrate.