Laser Hair Removal in Baltimore and Annapolis

A once frowned upon process, hair removal, rather it is by shaving, waxing, threading or laser removal has grown to become a popular process throughout the United States for both women and men. Since the early 1990’s, laser hair removal became the most common option for hair removal as individuals saw it as the most lasting solution. Laser hair removal can be performed at home using laser-light devices to remove hair from small areas like above the lip. In 2008, the Tria Laser 4x was the first home hair removal laser approved by the FDA. However, and perhaps the most effective way to remove hair in larger areas such as the legs or back, would be to schedule a professional consultation with at a laser hair removal clinic. There are many laser hair removal Baltimore MD professionals to work with.

Laser hair removal in Baltimore MD has become growingly popular with more and more clinics opening throughout the city since the early to mid-2000’s. Laser hair removal consists of one or more sessions that expose areas of the skin to laser reactive energy to destroy hair follicles resulting in the semi-permanent removal of hair. All patients need to go through a consultation with a physician to determine the type of services that are needed before scheduling a hair removal session. With the advancement of technology within Baltimore and Annapolis hair removal clinics, patients get to experience customizable wavelength variable pulses that adhere to different skin tone and hair types, making the process safe for all ethnicities.

Compared to waxing, threading, and shaving, laser hair removal isn’t as painful and lasts longer. Many decide to choose waxing or threading as a hair removal option because of its long-lasting results, however, the pain that it takes to do either can be agonizing and time-consuming. Both waxing and threading can also cause bruising, inflammation and breakouts to sensitive skin. With shaving, the hair grows back rapidly and the chances of getting nicked by a razor’s sharp blade are high. Laser hair removal clinics offer pain minimizing cooling methods or topical anesthetics either before and after to quickly relive the minimal discomforts that come with the process. The results are smooth, lasting, irritant-free, skin.

The number of sessions and time that an individual session can take depends on the condition of a patient’s skin and the area being treated. Individual sessions can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a little over an hour. For women most, common areas of hair removal treatment are legs, upper arms, bikini, upper lip, chin, jaw lines and arms. For men, the most common areas considered for laser hair removal are the chest, face, back, neck, face, and ears.

The hair removal clinics in Baltimore and Annapolis have licensed physicians to treat all hair removal types. The state-of-the-art clinics utilize Gentle Pro Laser Technology that carefully destroys hair follicles permanently creating lasting results. Hair removal services are affordable, and most clinics offer service packages that are custom for each patient’s needs.