Opportunities and Life Conditions Aboard Oil Rig Installations

Work and life conditions inside an offshore oil and gas rig are strict and complicated. Everyone who wants to work or apply for a job on oil or gas rig must be wondering what it is like to live in that kind of environment. It is true that the extreme climate and isolation, the presence of hostile surroundings, and the very hot or very cold weather will leave anyone doubtful about the job and passionless.

If you want to work in this industry, you need to carefully consider and do some research about the working and life conditions since it varies according to the location of the oil and gas rig job. To find out more about oil platforms, you can check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_platform.

The life conditions offshore

Construction, metallurgical or drilling workers inside an offshore oil or gas installations, as well as their assistants, work outside in rough and sometimes life-threatening weather conditions. Other jobs like an engineer and geologist divide their tasks: either they are working inside an office, the deck zones, on the oil or gas rig platform, or enjoying the weather conditions outside.

Executive officers, administrative staff and managers usually work in their air-conditioned offices, since their tasks are mostly doing paperwork. They have the most comfortable working situation among all people working on the oil or gas rig. Because of the advancement in technology, the living and working conditions in the oil or gas rigs have dramatically improved, and a lot of offshore rigs have hotel-like standards.

Upon arrival, new rig workers are secured with the things they need to make sure they have a safe and comfortable working and living environment. Workers are given safety gears like safety boots, goggles, overalls and hard hats. They are also required to have a tour of the whole installation before they start their work.

Working on an offshore gas or oil rig also provides financial stability, since even the lowest job is very profitable. Benefits and income in this type of jobs are significantly higher compared to land-based position counterpart. All the expenditures like offshore accommodations, travel from land-based headquarters to the rig, food and toiletries, are being reimbursed by the company and you can take home the salary that you earned without deductions (well, except for income tax).

Working outside the United States is very attractive when it comes to financial stability. Most, if not all companies, or gas and oil industry in general, are based on places like Alberta, Dakota, Texas, Louisiana, Venezuela, Australia, the Middle East, the North Sea, Brazil, or the Scandinavian coast. It means that the rig workers need to fly long distances to reach their workplaces or to go home and meet their friends and family. The company pays all expenditure from the airplane or commercial shipping ride.

Work time on rig platforms

Shifts and timetables are other vital subjects when it comes to offshore jobs. They differ depending on the company and the kind of work position. A type of general timetable consists of fourteen days’ workdays and followed by a twenty-one days’ work off. Another schedule system is based on working for two weeks and having a two week off after that. Because of the specialty of the job, workers are expected to work until their task is accomplished.

The hourly work schedule in the rig varies from 80 to 100 hours per week. It seems like a very tiring and long working hour in the platform, but you need to consider that you are on a platform in the middle of nowhere. You are in your workplace 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will avoid the problems common to land-based jobs like getting up early to drive to your worksite or eating hurriedly because you are getting late for work.

On the other hand, the days off in this industry is considered as one of the most attractive sides in working on the platform. There are few job positions in this industry that offers their workers a lot of time to carry out their familiar or private affairs.

While working in the oil or gas rigs, workers can spend their time off in a wide selection of amusements and amenities, since most, if not all installations offer a wide range of leisure activities to make sure that everyone will have a comfortable rest during their stay. There are modern satellite television and phones, gym and sauna, updated selection of movies or videos, internet connection or the latest video game consoles with popular video games.