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Ways to Submit Music to Blogs and Earn Money

The best time for music lovers everywhere to be alive is now. We can easily access an infinite library consisting of different artists and music genres.This possibility has been made real by the internet.

It is worth noting that new entrants can face very stiff competition.The the question that beckons is how the upcoming artists will ensure they are not drowned in the sea of mixtapes and emails.

This calls for hard work and planning that must be strategic. The attention that you deserve can come easily through an organized way.

Before putting yourself out for sale in the music industry, you need to understand yourself fully. Make yourself memorable by branding yourself. Put a puzzle together describing your musical identity. You should have a theme that is cohesive in the music industry.

Having a solidified brand will give the impression that you are in the music industry to stay.

Elementary research is needful before you submit. So long as you are confident to face your audience, this is the other thing to follow.Do not present your music to blogs before you research.It doesn’t make sense to submit to websites specializing in rap when you are a wedding band like David Rothstein Music. This means that you should not go for a website that will not support your demographic.

Before you attempt to submit to the blog or website, find out the genre they promote.After you are satisfied that this is the blog to submit to, try now to win their undivided attention.

You will now want to focus on a good professional email to market you to the listener.

Focus well on the music itself. An appropriate part is a song introduction. A title should not be missed in this. Adding a story behind the songs is good.

After presenting the music, give a story about yourself as an artist. Your origin or inspiration can be addressed.

Background information will come in handy for the blog to personify your blog. Music should have a story that connects to the soul and the heart.

As you write the email, let it be short and precise. If it is too lengthy, it may not be read. Only the relevant information needs to be communicated via the professional email.

Websites and blogs will accept different formats.The format that you will use to submit will be defined by the blog or website you are submitting to. If you are submitting to radios, CDs do well, but for blogs, embedded music player and digital press kits thrive.